A room without books is like a body without a soul. – Cicero


This is the professional portfolio of Chris Krause, furnished for the San Jose State University (SJSU) School of Library and Information Science (SLIS). This portfolio, referred to as an “e-portfolio” in SLIS parlance, is a culminating work analogous to a thesis and qualifies the student as a graduate following the completion of other coursework and grade point average requirements. The e-portfolio is in essence a collection of treatise and evidence which demonstrates an understanding and mastery of fifteen different professional competencies crucial to the flourishing library and information scientist.

Structure and Navigation

The organization and structure of this e-portfolio is as follows: a website comprising an individual section for each individual competency, a philosophy statement and concluding remarks. Each section is navigable from two paths: navigation bars running along the top of this area, as well as to the right. Individual competency sections may be visited by either clicking on the corresponding Roman numeral on the right navigation bar or hovering over the word “Competencies” on the top navigation bar and selecting an area of interest from a drop down menu.  A note must be made: while the first fourteen competencies are listed under competencies in sequential order, the fifteenth is represented by the philosophy section. You may at anytime view a summary listing of the fifteen competencies by clicking on “Competencies” from either navigation area. I have also provided links to my email and CV, for those who are interested in contacting me. I welcome any communication, including from those who have a history or library science related question and in particular students from SJSU.


This e-portfolio represents the culmination of two years of study at SJSU SLIS. The process of collecting the works to furnish their portfolio began soon after my studies began and in a more or less unconscious way, as I have always been a prolific hoarder of my data. I also from time to time would upload works I considered to be especially engaging to the layman to my personal website; this was another way in which I collected the works which you will soon have a chance to inspect. Later on in my coursework, as graduation loomed, I began to coherently organize my files, slowly and methodically. The free software FileSeek was incredibly useful in performing string searches in order to narrow down and locate specific works of interest and I must tip my hat to Binary Fortress Software. Following the collection of work I then backed up the data across several redundant systems, so as to avoid potential catastrophe and mentally contemplated the task ahead.

With the work collected I envisioned the form and function of my e-portfolio early on during the Fall semester of 2011. I had already a great deal of experience with using the WordPress blogging software, and knew I could easily customize it to fit my purposes as I have an affinity to code. I created this website in a few hours (installing, configuring, templating), although the process of filling it with content spanned the entirety of the Fall semester and occupied many whole days. Initially I was overwhelmed by the scope of the project and would often “draw a blank” when considering each competency, but after I sat down to carry the task, it became a natural and seamless process. I am not by nature a pedantic lecturer on what I consider to be elemental subjects (Socrates showed there is often folly there), I am better suited to making claims and reinforcing those claims with rigorous evidence; summary is not my strongest skill. That being said, I did enjoy collecting my works, which I dub “applied works,” into a coherent fashion. While previously these works were hoarded together as a mess of Word documents on my computer, they now have a coherent organization, file structure and data plan. In this sense I am quite proud of my accomplishment.

I want to thank Dr. Bill Fisher for serving as my adviser for this project – his swift responses to my tedious queries were of great help and comfort.

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